Countrymen MC Colors

Our colors pay homage to the branches of our nation’s military, and the motorcycle brotherhood we all share.

The club wears OD Green & Khaki – colors seen in the uniforms of our military.

In our center patch, the U.S. Air Force is represented by the lightening strikes delivering lethal force from the sky. The U.S. Marine Corps is represented by the “Ka-Bar” knife crossed with the 5.56 MM round which represents the U.S. Army – they form a defensive front just as both ground forces stand to and defend our nation on the front lines. The U.S. Navy is represented by the iconic anchor found on the ships in the world’s most powerful force at sea. The piston, positioned at the center of our patch, represents that riding motorcycles is at the core of our organization.

At the top, “III” represents our three Countrymen tenets: Service, Patriotism, and Brotherhood. At its base, a lone star; symbolic of our club rooted in Texas, the lone star state.

All of these symbolic images are encased in a shield – the universal symbol of defense denoting our military’s role in defense of the United States. The shield measures 9″ x 11″, honoring the lives lost on September 11, 2001, and a reminder that what America stands for is always under threat.

Our bottom rocker reads “Domum ex Fortis”, Latin for “Home of the Brave” – the last line in our national anthem, and a tribute to our nation’s military service members.