Are you an “outlaw” club?

CMC is a philanthropic motorcycle club seeking to provide a place where men can be men supporting each brother, living the biker lifestyle they’ve come to love, and assisting military veterans in need along the way. We’re a generally law-abiding club, and do believe individuals are free to make their own decisions so long as they accept the consequences of their actions.

Do you have to be a military veteran to join?

No, but it helps. Our membership is and must remain majority U.S. veterans, but we recognize there are amazing patriots who, while unable to serve our country, are committed to serving the club and that means a lot.

How many members do you have?

More than one, less than 100.

How does one become a member?

We like start this process the old fashion way – face to face. Contact us, and we’ll invite you to come hang out with us so you can get to know the brothers, they can get to know you, and you can learn about the mission, activities and lifestyle of the club first-hand.

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Is CMC a support club?

Countrymen MC is not affiliated with any other motorcycle organization, nor does it support any other club. We do, however, give all due respect to other established clubs in kind, and enjoy making friends in other clubs. Together, in friendship, all clubs can improve the MC reputation in the eyes of our communities, and support each others’ veteran fundraising events.

“Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations… entangling alliances with none.”

~ Thomas Jefferson

Why the Hang-Around and Prospect period?

This is family. We will protect what we’ve built, and we protect our family. Most of us have wives, children, and professional lives and the club is a part of that life. Would you let someone into your home and into your family without vetting their character and commitment?

Additionally, just like in the military when you put on a uniform you represent everyone wearing that uniform. This is not a casual weekend riding group. The world we are a part of commands and demands respect from us as a club, and from you as an individual. No one will represent CMC until they have absolutely earned the right to do so.

What is meant by commitment?

All members have family and professional obligations, and are expected meet those priorities in a mature and responsible manner, never forgetting the club is one such priority to add to your balanced life.

Isn’t Prospecting just a period of hazing?

No. While every motorcycle club conducts their Prospect period differently, CMC uses this time to ensure a good mutual fit of personality, and provides ample time to learn about the MC world, its protocols, the club itself, and to prove your commitment to the club before the club commits itself to you. This life isn’t for everyone, and the Prospect period reveals that.

Can I buy a patch and skip prospecting?

Absolutely not. Everything in Countrymen MC is earned. Nothing is bought. Brotherhood means something in a motorcycle club. If humbling yourself to earn the title of ‘brother’ and earn the patch on your back is not something you can do, this is not the organization for you.

What are the membership requirements?

There are some additional criteria we look for and discuss with every person interested in joining, but here are some of the core requirements to become and stay a member to get an idea of the expectations of CMC:

  1. Be twenty-one years of age or older with an insured motorcycle and current motorcycle driver’s license;
  2. Ride a mechanically sound cruiser, bagger or similar style motorcycle capable of keeping up with the other riders;
  3. Not use illegal narcotics or abuse prescription drugs;
  4. Not have received a dishonorable discharge from the U.S. military;
  5. Not have convictions for violence against women or children, or be convicted of a sex crime;
  6. Learn, abide by, and enforce the Club’s Bylaws, policies and protocols, and live by our code.

Veterans will be required to produce a DD214 showing an honorable, medical or general discharge from military service.

Where do I start?

Get on your bike, come to our events, and get to know the members. If it seems like a good fit, we’ll work together from there.

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