Becoming a Member


We’re looking for American patriot bikers who want to support our veteran-service nonprofit mission, build brotherhood, and get out regularly for motorcycle fun. Every brother has earned his patch, lives by a shared code of conduct and can be counted on to support the other without question of motives or uncertainty of character. If that sounds something you’d like to be a part of, this might be the club for you.

If you’re out to prove to the world (or yourself) that you’re a “bad ass” biker because you wear a patch, move on.

Basic Requirements

There are some additional criteria we look for and discuss with every person interested in joining, but here are some of the core requirements to become and stay a member to get an idea of the expectations of CMC:

  1. Be twenty-one years of age or older with an insured motorcycle and current motorcycle driver’s license;
  2. Ride a mechanically sound cruiser, bagger or similar style motorcycle capable of keeping up with the other riders;
  3. Not use illegal narcotics or abuse prescription drugs;
  4. Not have received a dishonorable discharge from the U.S. military;
  5. Not have convictions for violence against women or children, or be convicted of a sex crime;
  6. Learn, abide by, and enforce the Club’s Bylaws, policies and protocols, and live by our code.

Veterans will be required to produce a DD214 showing an honorable, medical or general discharge from military service.

Learn more on our FAQ page

Membership Process

  1. We like start this process the old fashion way – face to face. Contact us, and we’ll invite you to come hang out with us so you can get to know the brothers, they can get to know you, and you can learn about the mission, activities and lifestyle of the club first-hand. As a hang-around, there’s no commitment and we are all given the chance to see if it is a good mutual fit.
  2. After a while of being a hang-around, learning about the expectations of potential membership, and having earned the initial trust of the brotherhood, you may be appointed as a Prospect. You will be assigned a Sponsor and begin your time of listening, learning and serving the club as you work towards possible membership.
  3. In time – which varies Prospect to Prospect – after showing your commitment and capability to uphold to the mission, culture, and protocols of the club and the greater motorcycle community, you may earn your place as a patched brother of Countrymen MC.

Membership in our club is earned – nothing is given or bought – so that if you patch in, you know that it stands for something in our world, and means something in your heart.

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