If you’ve met your local CMC, and are interested in possibly pursuing membership, there are a few things you should know about what’s expected.

Not a Weekend Riding Group

This is a motorcycle club, not a riding group – there is a difference. As a MC we have an internal hierarchy, much like the military: Founders > National Officers > Chapter Officers > Patched Members > Prospects > Hang-Arounds. Riding groups are much more casual, often with no rules and officers who only serve in roles to basically have some structure and plan rides. This is not a club-first operation, but to be a member means the club is part of your life balance. If you’re not ready to make the club a part of your life, or to learn, live and eventually enforce a set of traditional rules and protocols, you should find a riding group, not a motorcycle club.

Starting Out

It is your responsibility to pursue the club, not the club’s responsibility to pursue you. The club will not change its rules, culture or plans to fit the personal preferences or convenience of a hang-around or prospect. Much like the military, a new recruit must work hard to earn a promotion and the admiration of his senior NCOs and peers. In CMC, hang-arounds should make every effort to show up to planned and impromptu events/rides/hang-outs, and while there, be seen making the effort to earn the respect and trust of patched members through simple acts of service, and an attitude of humility. Ours is a culture of respect and rules. Show respect, get respect.

Path to success

Showing availability and interest, humility and respect, and a desire to learn about the men, protocols and culture of CMC while a hang-around is the path to becoming Prospect. Solidifying your availability, consistently showing respect, building real relationships with patched members, and becoming a master of the protocols is the path to becoming a patched member.

where things go wrong

Not everyone will make it. Over the years, people have failed to reach Prospect or Member status for a handful of reasons. The top ones are:

  • Not making the effort – actions speak louder than words; if you don’t see your interest or see your passion, we’ll assume there is none.
  • Being too proud to abide by the hierarchy, protocols and culture – if you can’t follow simple rules and show some basic respect, you won’t make it.
  • Being too familiar with patched brothers before its time.
  • Lying/deceiving – brotherhood is based on trust, plan and simple.
  • Being boastful, putting on heirs – we only care about whats in your heart and what you bring to the club, not what you’ve achieved or what you bring home.
  • Not being your true self – we aren’t interested in you pretending to be something you’re not because you think its what we want in a member. We only want the genuine. Eventually true colors are revealed, and wearing a mask is akin to lying.

not just Membership. brotherhood.

There is a reason patches cannot be bought, and there is a reason becoming a member is not an overnight process. On your path from Hang-Around to Prospect to Member, the humility, service and respect shown by you and reciprocated by the club works to build real relationships. The continued support shown between members is why you’ll hear the term “brother” only used by patched brothers talking to another patched brother. The brothers make the patch, not the other way around.

be ready to commit

Remember, nothing worth having comes easy. We do not give patches, we only give opportunity. The rest is up to you.