Our History

The idea for what would become CMC started in February of 2016. Founder “Cash” and five others established the motorcycle riding group Countrymen Patriot Brotherhood which operated for nearly a year. The group rode mostly for fun, and supported military veterans and first responders through fundraising activities.

By January of 2017, the organization had tripled in size, and with the support of other Dallas-Ft Worth area Clubs, the members voted to become the Countrymen Veteran Motorcycle Club (VMC). CVMC’s colors would be sanctioned to fly in June of that year, and our mission was refined to focus on supporting military veterans in need.

Throughout its second year as the demands for service and protocol grew, members elected to carry forward the traditional three-piece motorcycle club culture, and execute the Countrymen mission with pride.

Countrymen MC became a nonprofit corporation in the state of Texas in February of 2018. New Bylaws were adopted, new colors created, and a full Board of Directors for the Countrymen Motorcycle Club was voted in. CMC was re-established as a motorcycle club of integrity, true to tradition, with founders including “Cash”, “Butcher” (Retired in 2021), “Doc” (now of the Forever Chapter), and two others. Under the new founders’ leadership, CMC had a unified vision, defined purpose, and solid foundation for the Countrymen to build on forever.

After much hard work, CMC was recognized as a federal 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in 2019 with an effective date of February 6, 2018. Click here for more info.

Countrymen MC currently operates its founding chapter, Texas 85th, out of Collin County, Texas. Interested in applying to start a probationary chapter in your area? Click here for more info.

NOTE: CMC is not a territorial club; counties listed in reference to chapters are only a means of establishing geographical division of membership based on home of record.