What’s the process?

  1. Come hang out, ride, develop trust and prove interest in joining the club. You’ll be called a “hang-around”.
  2. The Sergeant-at-Arms will direct a good-fit hang-around to complete a Member Application, then with Presidential approval assigns him a Sponsor responsible for his education, advising, and evaluation.
  3. When a hang-around meets prospect eligibility requirements and is believed by his Sponsor and the command team to be capable, competent, and committed to the pursuit of membership, he may be nominated for prospect which requires two-thirds majority of the chapter’s membership to pass.
  4. When the time is right, after eligibility requirements have been met, and a prospect has proven capable, competent, adapted and fully committed to the club, he may be nominated for membership.

What should I expect?

To earn your place as a Countrymen brother takes humility, patience, commitment and good measure of intestinal fortitude. Nothing worth having comes easy, and everything is earned; nothing bought.