After being elected a prospect in the CVMC, the expectations and requirements of that person shall increase over that of his hang-around period. While not a cumulative list, prospects shall be expected to adhere to the following:

  1. Show regular and sincere interest in the club, its members, and the pursuit of membership.
  2. If you see a patch-holder in the club you have not met, take the initiative to introduce yourself as soon as practical.
  3. Be sober and available to drive a member home from any club function with at least 2 hours notice.
  4. Remain in regular contact (at least weekly) with your sponsor. (See: Sponsorship Responsibilities)
  5. Learn and live all CVMC doctrine.
  6. Stand behind, around or otherwise position yourself with other prospects around patched members in any social setting in order to actively stop and respectfully address any outsider that may approach.
  7. When in a social setting, inform and get approval from a patched member (your Sponsor or SA if your Sponsor is absent) before departing the group. At any time an officer asks where you are, your sponsor at a minimum should know.
  8. When in a social setting, accompany patched members; here are some guidelines:
    • Be with your sponsor primarily and generally; you’re there to learn and he’s your point-man 
    • Accompany the President wherever he goes unless told not to specifically
    • If a member is leaving the group alone, your move should be to accompany him unless a) you’re told not to, b) you would be abandoning the President or senior-most Command Team officer on ground
  9. Do not wear your prospect Kutte except when riding to, being with or riding from being with a patched member or members.
  10. Always have your kutte when meeting patched members.
  11. Barring unsafe riding weather or other extenuating circumstances, your bike should be the transportation method to every club event or encounter with a club member.
  12. Prospects are discouraged from drinking or should keep their drinking to a minimum when socializing with the club, because a) in the event a sober person is needed to perform a task on behalf of the club, you are him, and b) you’re there first to observe, listen, learn and protect.
  13. Report suspected abuse of the member-prospect relationship to your sponsor or your chapter’s Sergeant-at-Arms as soon as practical.
  14. If you are terminated as a prospect, return the prospect Kutte plus any other item issues by the club bearing the club’s brand to your chapter’s Sergeant-at-Arms within 24 hours, or the club will come after it.
  15. When in doubt, ask your sponsor. It is better to learn than to be disrespectful and put out.