1. Members are prohibited from taking a stance or conducting back-dealings against a club policy, elected or appointed officer. Dealings with people or policy should be done directly with the person(s) someone has beef with or with the body who created the policy.
  2. Members shall notify an officer or member as soon as possible if arrested;
  3. If a member’s license is suspended and cannot therefore ride for a period of thirty (30) consecutive days, he may be ordered by the President to turn in his kutte and become inactive for a period of up to six (6) months after which the member may be made active again by the President, and have his kutte returned.
  4. If a member’s bike is not running for a period of thirty days, his kutte shall be turned into the Sergeant-at-Arms, and the member made inactive for a period of up to sixty (60) days by order of the President. After the member’s bike is operational and rideable under regular conditions for at least one week (e.g., not running in a garage for fifteen minutes), the member may be reinstated by order of the President and his kutte returned to him. If after sixty (60) days the bike is still inoperable, the member shall be removed from the club. Exception may be made by the BOD if the bike was rendered inoperable after an accident, and the motorcycle is in a shop in queue for repair.
  5. Get–Back Whips are authorized only if the whip is solid black, or made with CVMC colors.
  6. Avoid wearing colors that match the dominant 1% club in the region while riding and wearing our colors to avoid the perception of a relationship with that club.
  7. Do not wear or display “support” attire, decals or stickers on your bike, automobile, or person that shows support or that endorses any other club except the CVMC.
  8. During funeral runs for the CVMC or another club, no one will pack a passenger so the patch may be seen.
  9. The chapter President assigned each prospect’s road name.
  10. There will only be one instance of any road name across the CVMC national organization, and all road names must be verified unique and approved for use by the National Secretary before being issued to a member.
  11. Respect is to be shown to all club members, officers, members, members’ bikes, Ol’ Ladies, house, job, etc. In other words, if it’s not yours, do not mess with it.
  12. CVMC does not condone the use of narcotic substances. Members who are or become a user of a narcotic substance, his membership shall be terminated.
  13. Always hold the brotherhood in high regard. Prospects and members shall never angrily accost, assault, or slander any fellow club member.
  14. Keep and promote an environment of safety. Each member serves as a safety officer responsible for identifying and addressing conditions that threaten the welfare of club members or the general public. Do not endanger the safety or welfare of the club or any specific member.
  15. Memorize and be able to recite the CVMC’s mission statement, creed, code of ethics, and tenets upon request. These items shall be made available and accessible to all hang-arounds, prospects and members.
  16. Prospects and members must meet the following minimum participation requirements:
    1. attend at least two (2) club events each calendar month;
    2. attend at least two (2) club runs each quarter;
    3. be absent from no more than three (3) monthly meetings per calendar year.
  17. A Vote of Confidence shall be held for each new member 90 days after he becomes a member by the same body which voted him in. Failure to obtain a confidence vote equal to the vote which patched him in shall put the member in probationary status for 60 days. Failure to obtain a 100% confidence vote once more under the same conditions after the 60-day probationary period of membership ends the person’s membership automatically.