1. Attend called meetings on your bike in all favorable weather, unless your bike is inoperable at the time. If inoperable, and another means of transportation is available, take it. It’s better to arrive in a cage than not at all and risk removal based on failing to meet participation requirements.
  2. If a person must miss a meetings due to work or previously-scheduled family conflict, they must notify an officer of the command team prior to the meeting.
  3. If a member or prospect repeatedly fails to attend club functions with valid or invalid excuses, the chapter’s Executive Committee shall convene to discuss and decide on a course of action.
  4. Members must have colors with him to attend meetings, and they must remain on for the duration.
  5. Members must be of sound mind, and not under the influence of any substance when attending meetings.
  6. Reasonable effort shall be made to announce date, time and location of meetings at least 72 hours in advance, and may or may not include the nature of the business to be conducted.
  7. While a meeting is in session, participants shall raise their hands before speaking, the order of which shall be kept by the SA, and shall speak when given the floor by the President.
  8. While a meeting is in session, members shall not talk amongst themselves or be a disrespectful distraction to the meeting. The SA, or his Enforcer(s) if the SA is not present, will evict persons not abiding by this provision, and any votes they would have been responsible for casting during that meeting shall be voided.