1. Members are responsible for clearly communicating to the club when a woman has become his ol’ lady (exclusive and committed), and that woman shall be off limits to all other club members.
  2. Ol’ ladies are expected to conduct themselves in the same respectful manner when riding along with CVMC and whenever wearing support gear.
  3. Members are responsible for the actions of their ol’ lady, and may not have more than one ol’ lady.
  4. Ol’ ladies may only wear support gear, and never any attire which features the club colors.
  5. Wives and ol’ ladies in a relationship with a member for more than one consecutive year may be issued an ol’ lady kutte after obtaining majority vote amongst the chapter’s membership associating them with the club as a Countrymen Rose. Provisions regarding the issue and wear of the Countrymen Rose kutte shall be further defined in the CVMC Uniform Policy.
  6. Ol’ ladies have no club rights or privileges other than being able to ride along on approved rides and participate in club events.
  7. Ol’ ladies are not allowed at meetings, and members may not discuss club business with their ol’ lady.