A vote to remove a prospect or member may be proposed for any of the following:

  1. Inaptitude or failure to adapt to club life
  2. Failure to progress satisfactorily in the prospect training program
  3. Showing lack of effort or availability
  4. Having conflicting or incongruous personalities with the greater membership
  5. Wanton or repeated violations of CVMC Inc. doctrine, protocol or lawful instruction
  6. Failing to meet and maintain prospect or member requirements
  7. Showing disrespect towards the club, its colors, members or officers
  8. Chemical addiction
  9. Using narcotics
  10. Riding in formation under the influence of illegal or legal drugs, or under an impaired physical/mental condition putting members at risk of injury or death
  11. Theft of a member’s property
  12. Any action which puts the safety or integrity of CVMC Inc. at risk
  13. Having no access to a motorcycle or having an inoperable motorcycle for sixty (60) consecutive days, except when the motorcycle is rendered inoperable as a direct result of a crash, and the motorcycle is in a shop undergoing repair on or is in line to be worked on
  14. Failing to maintain good financial standing pursuant to the financial policy of the club
  15. Failing to abide by CMVC Inc. doctrine, protocol, or other published prospect or member requirements
  16. Failing to meet minimum participation requirements
  17. Failing to maintain and/or provide updated copies of valid motorcycle insurance and a motorcycle driver’s license to the Secretary
  18. Failing to display master-level riding skill including inability to keep the formation, keep the pace of the formation, or keep in his track while riding; inside to inside, outside to outside without entering the track of another staggered rider or outside lane
  19. Committing a sexual or romantic indiscretion with another member’s ol’ lady
  20. Riding in an unsafe manner or unskilled manner which puts the safety of the members at risk
  21. Willfully abstaining from helping another member altogether who asks for help when it could have been reasonably provided for or coordinated for