1. Be the liaison to the chapter for the assigned hang-around or prospect; issues, questions, comments and concerns come through you.
  2. Educate the prospect on all CVMC written and unwritten expectations; bylaws, doctrine, recitation of common core knowledge, club history, MC protocol, culture, etc., and observe that he is able to learn easily and employ this knowledge in a timely manner making good progress in the training program.
  3. Maintain weekly contact with the prospect and ensure he is meeting or working towards all member eligibility requirements stated in the bylaws, and to advice and counsel as needed;
  4. Promote and participate in as many events (private and public) as possible with your prospect in order to observe his skills on the road, and in mixed crowds – particularly amongst other senior-tier clubs.
  5. Keep written record of all events and runs the prospect attends and doesn’t attend, and report on his performance and progress or on his problems during the hang-around or prospect period to your chapter’s command team.