A 1% MC stands apart and commands respect for several reasons. There is an extremely deep level of personal commitment and self–discipline that a man has to demonstrate and maintain in order to wear a 1% MC back–patch. In some cases, their commitment is comparable to a religion or a full time profession for the individual. The membership process is long and demanding. As a result, their colors are closely guarded, and the individual’s’ expectations for respect come from their earning the right to wear and keep wearing their patch. It is not uncommon for the dominant club of an area to select some of their prospects from the best of the ranks of their support clubs.

A 1% MC will have a vigilant level of mutual support. There are potential dangers of invoking a negative response from a well–organized unit that travels in numbers and is always prepared for confrontation. You cannot provoke one club member without having to answer to the entire club, and that such an answer is a point of honor that must come down to the last man, if required.

As the the strongest and most established club, they will assume charge of the particular area or state in which they ride. The CVMC operates with the understanding the dominant club shall generally handle authorizing new clubs in an area or state, disbanding clubs that cause continual problems, mediating resolutions between existing clubs with issues, enforcing their own solution if clubs cannot resolve conflict on their own, and promoting a communications link and providing for intra-club events or cooperative bodies (such as the UC).

The preceding speaks in respectful generalities and is not meant to apply to every 1%er club; it is for prospect general educational purposes.

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