Acknowledgement of Expectations

Thank you for completing the prospect application. The officers and members will discuss your status with the club, and contact you.

Below is a short description and list of expectations for Prospects. Hang-Arounds hoping to become Prospects one day would be wise to learn these as well.

The full set of rules, protocols, and behaviors expected of Prospects can be found in the Countrymen MC Prospect Manual.

» Download CMC Prospect Manual

You can also access the CMC Prospect Manual online at Ask your sponsor or the Sergeant-at-Arms for the password.

The CMC Prospect Manual is intended only for members and hopeful members of Countrymen MC. Do not share outside of the club.

Expectations Short List

SUMMARY: During the prospect period, Club members will educate and evaluate the prospect, working together to build him into someone they would be proud to call brother. It is the prospect’s responsibility to learn from and serve patched brothers showing humility and servitude; he should actively ask questions, become a master of Club doctrine, gain experience, and gain the trust of every patch holder. There is no set time for the prospect period, only set expectations. It takes “as long as it takes”, though it must take no less than 90 days. Enough time will be taken to ensure the prospect is showing their true colors, respects and upholds the Club traditions and policies, and can be trusted to represent every brother out in the world. When in doubt, prospects should ask clarification from their sponsor. It is better to be humble and learn what is expected versus being disrespectful as a result of willful pride and terminated because of it.

Not everyone will make it through the prospect period.

  1. Listen, observe, learn, ask questions, and adapt to the requirements of the Club
  2. Learn and live protocol and club doctrine, and follow all instructions in order to build trust with every patch holder
  3. Make effort to attend every possible meeting and event
  4. Meet with your sponsor regularly; weekly if possible
  5. Keep drinking (and other recreational activities) to a minimum at club events so you can perform your prospect duties; you can party when you patch
  6. Guard and be in service to patched members in social settings; accompany any patch holder who departs the group ensuring the most senior patch on ground is never without guard, and inform your sponsor or a patch holder before departing the group if you need to
  7. Do not wear the prospect kutte except when riding to, being with or riding from being with a patched member; always have your kutte when meeting patched members
  8. Memorize and show the Countrymen Ethos (found in the Handbook) in your everyday life