The most basic and applicable protocol when interacting with other MCs, particularly new or young relationships, is to be friendly and respectful. As time goes on, and more interactions occur, relationships will develop and many interactions may become more casual, but the basics of protocol will still be expected.

Problems created in one part of the metroplex, state, or country by a CVMC member or issues with the CVMC in one area have the potential to affect CVMC members in other areas, states, and across the country. As a three-piece club, we have our place in the rank-structure of clubs. It is not uncommon to be the humble recipient of respect-based protocol from a lower-tier club, nor should it be uncommon to humble yourself to show respect for a senior-tier club. Keep in mind that those in riding groups, and even some riding clubs do not subscribe to and often are completely unaware of the MC protocol we promote in the CVMC.

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