Violent events that occur which may include members of a 1% MC sometimes make the headlines. Between this purported “news” and the motorcycle club fictions on television and in the movies, the majority of the non-riding public perceives all motorcycle clubs as if they were a 1% MC; fear, judgment and uneasiness are going to be common for almost any biker.

Because these events or these fictions are not generally the case for the 99%, it stands to reason that cultivating a relationship with the rest of the non-riding community is important. To be perceived as anything less than an organized brotherhood of dedicated, respectful men would be a disadvantage to the club. Therefore, CVMC will conduct themselves as upstanding citizens and good neighbors. Our goal is to be admired and respected by the general public, not feared. It is important for all clubs to be perceived this way publicly; in a highly professional manner. No hang-around, prospect, or member will go out of their way to cause trouble or to present themselves as an intimidating force without just cause or provocation.

Because the general public does not draw a distinction between different club colors, a serious breach of common decency, and certainly being a downright belligerent trouble-maker can have a negative impact on any of the area clubs. Your behavior as biker has the potential to cause problems for other clubs, and they will return to the source to correct the problem. Repeated behavior that draws heat from the general public, or the MC community will result is being put out bad. We will police our prospects and members accordingly, and hang-arounds will be separated.

This regulation prescribes the expected behaviors of every prospect and member as well as consequences and enforcement measures. It also provides information, responsibilities and established practices that each chapter shall follow as a guidelines to daily operations.

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