There is no coasting after patching. Each member is expected to pull more than his weight. As a member reaches higher levels of experience, his brothers look to him to provide leadership. There are decisions to be made, other clubs to relate to, causes to be fought and won. There are brothers to be taken care of, charities to be funded, and a family to be kept safe. There is always commitment to the club. There is always the expectation that the individual will conduct himself in a manner that projects a positive image to the motorcycle club community and the general public. The CVMC is a true three-piece patch Motorcycle Club. We are an association of veterans and patriots, a club of bikers who have adapted selflessly to fly under one banner for the club’s purposes. We are increasingly recognized and respected by other MCs. We support each other, and recognize that each member has family and professional obligations, expecting our members meet those priorities in a mature and responsible manner, never forgetting we each decided the club is a life priority. Either through life experience or service to our nation, our members come to the plate knowing about such things as loyalty, duty, and sacrifice. We are here, bringing the best of ourselves and the skills we have to support the CVMC mission.

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Father, Army veteran, American patriot, brother to my Countrymen, and married to my best friend.