Members will not abuse prospects; they may someday be your brother and thusly shall be brought up in a culture of honor and respect. The club environment isn’t a schoolyard and the members are no bullies. The prospect period exists so that potential members can actively work to earn the trust and respect of patched members. Prospects must prove by action, not words, their desire to wear CVMC colors and their commitment to our values, culture, protocols and to the brotherhood.

Invited hang-arounds and prospects should show genuine interest, dedicating his time and effort to hanging around the club, learning and abiding by CVMC protocol, and adapting to its culture in order to gain the trust and respect of its members and carry forward the traditions of the club.

The prospect period is the period of time to observe, listen and learn. It is not the period of time to become familiar and buddy-buddy with members; that will come in time. It is the time a person should show the most aggressive approach to learning about the club, about each patched member, about the club’s culture, mission, and protocols. The prospect period is the time where patched members focus on educating the potential member on MC culture, CVMC protocol, and to see if they will make the effort to prove their true interest in the club.

Prospects should be observed meeting or exceeding the member participation requirements. They should consider every invitation to a club function, formal or otherwise, to be very important. The club takes note of how many events are attended, how many rides are attended, and how many are skipped and the excuses or reasons given; all as part of the evaluation of dedication to the club. Prospects should be seen regularly volunteering for work/tasks, showing respect for and taking care of patched members, and making a noticable and concerted effort.

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